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PACLINE Corporation is a manufacturer of conveyor equipment and automation used in both production facilities and modern warehouses. Our factories in Mississauga and Ohio provide us with the base to deliver turnkey systems solutions to our customers all over the world. Our blend of quality and cost competitiveness has made us a premier supplier to many of the most innovative companies in the world.

Our relationship with Team Inverse Paradox represents a new and innovative collaborative model; private enterprise is supporting the education of our youth and in doing so, we are assisting our mentors to teach and train the next generation of contributing citizens. These young minds have a greater purpose, motivation and skills than the public education system can deliver. There are many benefactors besides the students themselves, including our company, our community, our industry and our country as a whole.

We wish the Team all the best this year. Since the team is located in our building, we have witnessed first-hand the energy and workmanship that have gone into this year’s high-tech entry.

Actemium is the premier sponsor of Team 1325: Inverse Paradox. As a proud member of the Actemium group of companies, McRae Integration Ltd. provides controls integration, project management, and engineering services for clients in a wide variety of industries. With professional, knowledgeable and experienced employees, McRae delivers successful solutions for projects of any size.

McRae specializes in providing services to the brewing, food & beverage, life sciences, packaging and material handling, and consumer product industries. These services include system integration and automation, project management, robotic automation, brewery consultation, OEM process skids, guarding and safety solutions, panel design and manufacturing and MES solutions.

Actemium is excited to be a part of the effort to promote and facilitate STEM education for the youth in our community.

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