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Our team embraces diversity. We welcome students from schools all around GTA. We have over 19 mentors from various engineering and business background. Our junior mentorship program provides opportunity for students to become junior leads and work under the guidance of a senior student leads. This hands-on training helps them with not only gain technical experience but also improve their leadership skills and come back to FIRST as future alumni mentors

The Subteams


• Work with Design sub-team to create prototypes and refine the ultimate design
• Assemble and test all parts when they arrive from manufacturing.
• Create two identical robots within allotted timeframe of 6 weeks

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• Write and test the code for competition and practice robot
• Program in Java using the WPILIB library

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• Make sure power and code reach all sub-systems
• Create layout of electronics to make it functional and easy to refine as needed during the competition season
• Troubleshoot issues at competition

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• Create promotional materials that follow the team’s branding guidelines
• Market the team and FIRST through community outreach and involvement
• Secure finances through fundraising and presentations to the sponsors
• Monitor team presence online on Facebook, Twitter, and team website
• Manage award submissions

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Registrations will reopen after the end of this season in May!