Public Relations

Festivals and Cultural Events

Our team has become known for our participation in iconic cultural events in our city. In the past 3 years we have been able to expose FIRST programs to over 7,000 people by hosting interactive robot demonstrations. We also use our team’s diverse and multicultural backgrounds to reach out to different parts of our community. In fact, we have taken part in Garba and Ostav, two of the largest South Asian events in our community with at least 5,000 attendees.

Making It Loud

We maintain a strong presence in the media by being featured in 10 newspapers, 3 indian language radio shows, and Captured Magazine. Our team hosted a robot demonstration for ASAP Science) (6.2 Million Subscribers on Youtube) that was featured on their social media channels, exposing FIRST to millions of people). We were featured on Daily Planet’s Invent This), where we showcased our robot and discussed the importance of STEAM. Due to our appearance on the show the United Nations Association of Canada invited us to their festival to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.