FLL Registration

FLL Challenge For the 2024-25 Season

2024-25 Registration

Please read the important instructions below.

- All students wishing to participate (past, current or new) MUST REGISTER AND PAY by the due date that would be determined and informed to you.

- Registration fee for this season is $250

- The preferred method to pay registration fees is by e-transfer. It is simple and safe to use. Please e-transfer the fees to frc1325inverseparadox@gmail.com - Should the e-transfer option not be available for you, kindly make checks payable to "FRC Team 1325"

Application Forms

- Download the following 3 forms.

     FLL Application Form 2024-25 Season

     FLL Health Information Form 2024-25 Season

     FLL Participation Consent and Liability Waiver Form 2024-25 Season

- Fill out all the details in the forms.

- Ensure that all the information you provided is correct, complete and that Parent/Guardian signature is on all the forms.

- Submit the signed forms along with the Registration Fee to frc1325inverseparadox@gmail.com. Only completed and signed documents would be accepted.